Can I really prove to you that Jesus is God? I can shine a very bright light there with dialog that we hear so often and possibly even partake in ourselves. But as with man and God, we ignore the truth and do not understand the circumstances. Most of all, we forget God altogether.

It is first important to say, the Holy Scriptures, in our bibles state, that between it's covers, "every word is breathed out by God". Jesus is called, "The Word" and all of God's Word, in some way, relates to Jesus Christ. By His Father's will and plan, Gods Gospel; the promise from the beginning that He would send a Savior to take away our sins. Scripture teaches us far more than this, as stated in this website: Jesus is God! Christians believe in one God. Though Jesus is refereed to as, The Son of God; in His words, Jesus is One with God the Father. This is very important to consider as I present my evidence. Man's words and possibly your own words may be a portion of this evidence; but the bible becomes it's own evidence.

The bible tells of Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with two stone tablets, containing the 10 Commandments from God. This is around 3,600 years ago. The first commandment given by God is: "Thou shall have no other gods before me." 2nd: "Thou shall not make graven images of me." 3rd: "Thou shall not take The Lord's name in vain." Let's stop right there. What does it mean to take the Lord's name in vain? This is a very unique commandment God asks us not to do. To do something in our vanity, we desire to elevate self; to bring attention to our self; for our pride and power. God is saying, there is power in His name and you're not to use that power to elevate or bring attention to yourself. Well, who does that? People everyday, all over the world, take the name of Jesus Christ to bring attention to themselves and their statements.

God gave Moses the 10 commandments; 1,600 years before the birth of Jesus. But now, 2,000 years after Jesus has risen from the dead; 3,600 years later; people use the name of Jesus for their power, everyday! It is the ONLY NAME that can be used to give emphasis and punch to your words. You can't say, "Buddha, the car won't start!" it just sounds dumb. The same goes for ANY OTHER NAME! But, if in your frustration or your astonishment you say statements as: "Jesus Christ, the car won't start!" or "Jesus, look at the size of that!" or "For Christ's sake are you kidding me?"; you have taken the power in the name of God and given that power to your statement; you receive the attention you desired; or everyone knows you are upset; and you have sinned against God, breaking God's 3rd commandment, where God commands us not to do this very thing!

Notice in the examples, the name of Jesus must be utilized at the beginning of the user's sentence. "The car won't start, Jesus" really does not work but if the person pauses, making two statements, it again works. "The car won't start!" "Jesus!" Their displeasure and frustrations are enhanced by the name of Our Lord. Though Christian's can absolutely have moments of weakness; I have observed Christian's do not take the name of our Lord in vain. If so, it would be the Christian, young in God's Faith, that had a habit of using Jesus's name in vain and has had this regretful moment. Mostly, people who take God's name in vain have no personal relationship with God; it is taking God's precious name to be used in adoration and utilizing it for personal attention, vanity. I also find it telling, at life's most frustrating moments for unbelievers, the name of Jesus is what comes fourth from the depths of their soul.

As importantly, why is this possible? Why by saying, "Jesus", are your words given power and attention? Because Jesus is God! The ability to take the name of Jesus in vain, both verifies the Word of God and that Jesus is God! Scripture testifies again and again that Jesus is God; people all over the world prove it everyday by breaking the 3rd commandment from God; taking God's name in vain for their vanity and using the name of Jesus for the vanity of expressive attention. I want to finish with this verse. ---- Acts 4:12 ---- "And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” No other name can be taken in vain; no other name by which we must be saved. The Bottom Line - If Jesus is not God, our spoken word, taking His Name in vain would not work! I rest my case, Jesus is God!