Thoughts on Pastors

The service to God and His church as pastor, is a position that is meant for a precious few.  Who is actually designed by God and called by God to be a pastor?  Some, believe they are called to be a pastor or priest but they are not.  When the  individual seeks this role,  but it is not meant to be; it is a great failure.  This office of the church which, is not meant for women.  This does not mean that ladies cannot serve; they do serve Our Lord in the most marvelous ways, all over the world.

To serve God correctly, they must preach and teach the true God of scripture.  They must conduct themselves in a manner according to God's Word.  They must care; their congregation must be precious to them.  I believe and lead you toward pastors who abide in Reformed Theology.  Ask the pastor, "Do you teach reformed doctrine?"

Pray for your pastor.  Pray for your church.  Support your pastor.  Support your church.  Remember, they are men with all the possible downfalls of sin.  Encourage them, again I say, pray for them; that they will be lead by The Spirit, that they will be of good health.

I want to introduce you to two pastors who were called by God to be pastors.  They are called to preach the Word of God with the proper doctrine.  God has prepared them; they have prepared and continue to seeks God's Truth in all they do.  They are so careful and loving with their words to us for Jesus.  

I want you to listen to these men.  It will help you to identify with pastors in your area who are also called.  These are different men from different denominations with different styles of preaching.  Tracey will abide within the  Westminster Confession of Faith and Larson, The London Baptist Confession of Faith.  As the WCF is 1646 and the LBCF is the tweeking of this in 1689.  Both men seek the Truth of Jesus in all of scripture.  Both are covenant theologians.  They are excellent preachers and teachers of The Word of God.

These men are in my prayers, I hope they will be in yours also. 


Pastor Stephen Tracey on Sermon Audio

Pastor Dr Lars Larson on Sermon Audio

Pastor Larson also has a radio ministry.  They are some of the finest radio teachings I have heard. 

At the link, click on "RADIO PROGRAMS" it will take you to them.  Word of Truth is also an application for your mobile device.  

These are designed for the 25 minute format; an incredible undertaking.