Where to go to Church?

Just because it looks like a church does not mean that particular church is a good church to attend.   

As a believer in Jesus Christ you must know and understand what you believe about God, Our Lord Jesus and scripture.  Your church must lift up Jesus in a fashion which is true to scripture and true to what has been decided about scripture by the greatest Christian minds through the Church age.  We call these teachings "doctrine".   It is your responsibility to know what the bible teaches and what your church teaches.  It is your churches responsibility to teach correct doctrine. 

I encourage you to seek after a church of Reformed Theology.  One that would hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith or the London Baptist Confession of Faith and Covenant Theology.  The  LBCF is based on the WCF.  These are sound biblical doctrines.  Your church should have a Sunday School.  It should have all age groups.  It should be hopefully growing and at least not shrinking.  A good church should represent a cross section of the community it is in.

Evangelical Churches

Evangelical means "according to the Gospels".  This should be in all  Christian churches right?   Churches make political decisions though, not concerning the Gospels but social climate and what they believe their congregations are willing to put up with.  Another terrible pitfall is liberal theological teaching and "new" doctrine.  One of these new doctrines that came about in the mid 1800s is called "Dispensationalism".  Dispensational Theology contrasts to Covenant Theology and becomes more complex with human interpretation.  It is insidious in it's nature and can consume good theology to the point of heresy.  Many times you will not know and it may not be said, "we follow dispensational teachings".   Ask your pastor.  One marker of dispensational teachings being in your church are "The pre-tribulation rapture of the Church".

More in the future. 

Churches to shy away from

Catholic Church  -----------Scripture & Tradition - also faith/works doctrine 

Unitarian Church ----------Rejects solid doctrine

Episcopal Church----------Catholic like doctrines but worse - Reformed Episcopal can be good churches

Congregational Church--- Can reject solid doctrine - Reformed Congregational  can be good churches

Methodist Church---------Can reject solid doctrine -- prima scriptura

Living Church of God------Deny our Triune God


Churches that are NOT churches of Jesus Christ.  Do not look at their literature or talk with them.

Mormon Church or Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -----Same church-----  These three cults

Jehovah's Witness ----------------------------------------------------------                     reject Jesus as God!

Christian Science -----------------------------------------------------------                           Enough said!

Church of Scientology----------------------------------------------------Their "teachings" are just ridiculous.

One of my favorite teachers Dr R.C. Sproul

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